HOTO Smart Laser Measure Pro
HOTO Smart Laser Measure Pro
HOTO Smart Laser Measure Pro
HOTO Smart Laser Measure Pro
HOTO Smart Laser Measure Pro
HOTO Smart Laser Measure Pro
HOTO Smart Laser Measure Pro
HOTO Smart Laser Measure Pro
HOTO Smart Laser Measure Pro
HOTO Smart Laser Measure Pro


HOTO Smart Laser Measure Pro

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Introducing the Laser Measure Pro, a cutting-edge measuring tool designed to revolutionize precision and ease in measurements. With its intelligent design and multifunctional capabilities, this device offers accurate and effortless measurements across various modes. Whether you need to measure distance, angles, areas, or create a virtual ruler, this tool, integrated with the HOTO app, is a game-changer in measurement.


  • Intuitive One-Button Operations:Designed for a user-friendly experience, a single-button design simplifies the entire measuring process. Double-click to switch benchmarks between front and end, with a soft vibration notifying when measurements are ready.
  • Five Modes:Access different modes for measuring distances, angles, angular heights, areas, and activate a virtual ruler for versatile measurement options.
  • Smart Home Device Integration:Connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth through the HOTO app to access extended memory, design blueprints, and add on-photo annotations for seamless use in various applications.
  • Precision to the Millimetre:Offers a systematic error of ±2mm, ensuring accurate measurements from 0.05m to a maximum of 50m. The device utilizes a harmless double laser head for an instantaneous 0.2s response time, ensuring measurement efficiency.
  • Brand New Design:Crafted with elegant and smooth lines, featuring an aluminium alloy cord hole, using high-quality wear-resistant materials for a durable and practical design.
  • High-Capacity Lithium Batteries:Equipped with upgraded 850mAh ultra-high-capacity lithium batteries, providing the ability to take up to 2000 measurements on a full charge. Recharge quickly via the Type-C charging port for continuous use.
  • Lightweight & Portable:Weighing only 90g, this lightweight tool offers convenience and easy handling. Despite its petite size, it delivers outstanding range capability.
  • Bigger Screen, Clearer Data:Boasting a polished 1.8-inch LED large colour screen displays data clearly, providing straightforward information for easy and precise measurements.




44.1mm Length * 99.5mm Height *23.3 Width





Systematic error

± (1/16inch+D*1/10000)





Laser type

630-680nm wavelength

Lithium battery

3.7V ⎓ 850mAh


1.8 inch LED display

Bluetooth range

Approx. 8m

Operating standards

GB 4793.1-2007 GB 7247.1-2012

Rated voltage

5V ⎓ 1A

Charging time

Approx. 100min

Automatic shutdown


Automatic laser shutdown


Working temperature


Storage temperature


Storage humidity


Net weight

Approx. 90g


What’s in the Box

1* laser measure pro

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