Aqara Motion and Light Sensor P2
Aqara Motion and Light Sensor P2
Aqara Motion and Light Sensor P2
Aqara Motion and Light Sensor P2
Aqara Motion and Light Sensor P2
Aqara Motion and Light Sensor P2


Aqara Motion and Light Sensor P2

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Aqara Motion and Light Sensor P2

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Explore the Aqara P2, a smart device with both infrared motion and light sensors, using the advanced Thread protocol. Featuring long-lasting dual CR2450 batteries with Aqara's low-power technology, it ensures prolonged use. Compatible with the Matter ecosystem, the P2 enables diverse and rich automation scenarios, enhancing your smart home experience with precise control over lighting and more. 

Key Features: 

  • Native Matter Support: With the arrival of the Matter era, users no longer need to worry about different ecosystems and technical protocols, and only need a Matter app, Matter-compatible Thread Border Router and Matter Controller. This means that connections across ecosystems and platforms become simpler and easier. 

  • Independent Light Sensor*: your solution for unmatched smart home control and automation, designed to keep your Aqara Home app running locally, even without internet. With the M3, experience seamless device binding for Aqara Thread devices and enjoy unparalleled network robustness through hub backups and mirroring. Should one hub fail, another takes over, ensuring continuous operation. The M3, a unique Matter controller, will soon support direct device-to-device connections, making your smart home reliable even in the absence of the hub. 

  • High-Precision and Wide Angle**: Explore P2 featuring a Wide Viewing Angle, with a 120° detection angle and up to 7 m (extendable to 10 m with Aqara Home) range using PIR Tech. Includes a 360-degree adjustable stand for precise motion detection in targeted areas. 

  • Locally Convenient and Energy-Efficient: Saving energy is no longer a hassle or effort. Let P2 effortlessly and swiftly make adjustments and automate tasks. For example, it automatically turns on lights and exhaust fans in the bathroom upon detecting someone, and switches them off when no one is present. No more worries about inadvertently leaving home energy sources on.**** 

  • Local and Remote Alarm***: Place the Aqara Motion & Light Sensor P2 in key locations at home to help detect and monitor anomalies. Receive alerts via app or speaker, and link with other smart products to create a more comprehensive security setup.**** 

  • Easy to Install and Place in Everywhere: The sensor includes an adjustable stand***** for easy wall, ceiling, or horizontal installation, allowing precise P2 positioning for specific area monitoring, like over a desktop. The Motion and Light Sensor P2, powered by a 2*CR2450 Lithium battery, which makes its battery life one of the longest among Matter over Thread sensors.****** 

  • Exclusive Features of Aqara Home: After connecting the P2 to the Hub M3 and integrating it with the Aqara Home app, it will gain enhanced functionalities. These include improved automations, customisable detection timeout and sensitivity settings, motion indication, a local alert system, and more.******* 


* The light sensor functionality may be unavailable with some Matter apps, such as Amazon Alexa. 

** The detection angle and the sensitivity may vary depending on the ambient temperature and the distance. 

*** Alert/security system function is not available in all the ecosystems (e.g., in Alexa it has a limited availability). 

**** The local automation capabilities may vary depending on the Matter ecosystem the product is connected to. For the best possible experience, Aqara Home and Hub M3 are advised. 

***** Offline version includes 2 stands. 

****** The battery life depends on the particular Matter ecosystem and the number of Matter ecosystems the device is connected to. 

******* To connect the sensor to Aqara Home, the Hub M3 and software OTA is required. 





(* Please note: the automation functionalities may vary depending on the Matter ecosystem. The examples below may require connecting the device to the Hub M3 and Aqara Home app.) 




Granular light control for more comfort and energy saving 



IF Motion is detected at the desktop 


WHEN Every day from 18:00 to 23:00  


THEN Turn the desktop light on 



Install the P2 in each zone of the room which is lit independently, and the lighting will follow you around the room: the desktop lights will be turned on right when you sit by your desktop, the bar counter strip will light up when you start making the drinks and more. 



Motion Sensor P2 + Hub M3 + Spotlight or LED Strip 



Use the Light Sensor for Energy Saving 



IF Brightness exceeds 500 lux 


WHEN The outdoor temperature is high 


THEN Close the curtain 



When the sun is too bright, the P2 will be able to help you to automatically close your curtains to prevent the sun from heating the room when it's not needed and drastically save on cooling bills. 



Motion Sensor P2 + Climate Sensor + Hub M3 + Roller Shade Driver or Curtain Driver 



Fully automated light control based on motion and brightness 



IF Motion is detected 


WHEN Brightness is lower than 100 lux 


THEN Set the Ceiling Light to Bright Cold White  


THEN Turn on the Ceiling Light 



You will be able to schedule different automations based on the brightness in the room to achieve circadian lighting and ambient control: the light will change its color temperature according to the time of the day and turn on or off only when it's really needed. 



Motion Sensor P2 + Hub M3+ Ceiling Light T1M 



Local and Subscription-Free Security with Aqara Home 



(Away Alert is Enabled in Aqara Home) 


IF Motion is detected 


THEN Send a Critical Alert notification to smartphone 


THEN Camera Hub G3 turns to the area where motion was detected and starts recording 



Thanks to the Aqara Home Alert System, you will be able to automatically switch between Away, Home and Night modes, and take benefit from only receiving the relevant notifications and triggering other devices such as cameras for more peace of mind. 



Motion Sensor P2 + Hub M3 + Camera 




Product Name 

Aqara Motion and Light Sensor P2 




CR2450 × 2 

Wireless Protocols 

Thread, Bluetooth 5.0 

Bluetooth Operation Frequency 

2402-2480 MHz 

Bluetooth Maximum  

Output Power 

≤   13 dBm 

Thread Operation Frequency 

2405-2480 MHz 

Thread Maximum Output Power 

≤   13 dBm 


33.1 ×   33.1 × 41.6 mm  

Operating Temperature 

-10°C ~ 55°C 

Operating Humidity 

0   ~   95% RH, no condensation 



Sensor Main Unit ×   1, Holder ×   2, Sticker ×   4, User Manual ×   1 

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