Aqara Smart Door Lock U50
Aqara Smart Door Lock U50
Aqara Smart Door Lock U50
Aqara Smart Door Lock U50
Aqara Smart Door Lock U50
Aqara Smart Door Lock U50
Aqara Smart Door Lock U50
Aqara Smart Door Lock U50
Aqara Smart Door Lock U50
Aqara Smart Door Lock U50
Aqara Smart Door Lock U50
Aqara Smart Door Lock U50
Aqara Smart Door Lock U50


Aqara Smart Door Lock U50

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The Complete Smart Lock for Every Home

Upgrade to smart security with the Aqara Smart Lock U50. Seamlessly integrate with leading smart home systems and unlock effortlessly with Apple Home Key via your Apple Watch. Tailored unlocking methods ensure convenience and style at your doorstep. 

Key Features: 

  • Apple Home and Home Key Support: With a touch of the Apple Home App or an Apple Watch, the door can be opened immediately and conveniently. There's no need for cumbersome keys or other redundant actions. Now, opening doors can be a cool thing to do. Tap, tap—open a smart home. 

  • Automations with Aqara and Third-Party Devices: The Aqara U50 Smart Lock enhances user convenience by seamlessly integrating* with various smart home systems via the Zigbee protocol. It supports customized automations with platforms like Google Home and Alexa, simplifying home management and boosting security. This connectivity allows users to tailor their home environment for greater comfort and efficiency. 

  • Door Status Sensing and Auto Lock: The Aqara U50 uses advanced gyroscope technology for enhanced security and convenience. It automatically locks the door upon closing, and an alert sound can be set in the app if the door is not closed. With a quiet mode for nighttime and an always-open setting for busy places, the U50 is perfect for both home and office environments, offering seamless security without disturbing anyone. 

  • Additional and Emergency Unlock Methods: The Aqara U50 enhances home security by providing multiple unlocking methods—keypad, key, NFC card**, and USB-C for emergencies. With seamless integration into the Aqara Home app and compatibility with leading smart home systems, it delivers flexible and secure access for peace of mind. 

  • Up to 6 Months of Battery Life: The Aqara U50 boosts convenience with its energy-efficient design, offering up to 6 months*** of security per charge. It includes emergency USB-C powering for unlocking when the battery is depleted, ensuring continuous protection. Battery replacement alerts further simplify maintenance for a worry-free smart home experience. 

  • Focus on Security and Durability: The Aqara U50 offers exceptional security and durability, meeting BHMA Level 3 safety standards and constructed from robust zinc alloy with an IPX5 rating. It ensures reliable performance in outdoor environments, even in temperatures as low as -18°C, making it ideal for any weather conditions. 


* Aqara Zigbee 3.0 hub is required. 

** NFC card requires an additional purchase. 

*** Based on the assumption of unlocking the door 8 times per day. 





One-tap Unlock from the Video Doorbell Page 






The U50 is seamlessly integrated with the Video Doorbell G4: when someone presses the doorbell, you will be able to view who is at your door and easily unlock the U50. 



Smart Lock U50 + Hub + Video Doorbell G4 



Nighttime Lock Monitoring and Visual Alerts 



IF the Smart Lock U50 is unlocked between 12:00 AM and 6:00 AM, 


THEN the side light of Ceiling Light T1M is set to dynamic RGB effect Alert 



If anyone forgets to lock the door past midnight, the ceiling light will engage dynamic alert effects. This serves as a visual reminder, drawing your attention to the unlocked door. It's a practical solution to enhance household security, ensuring that such oversights are immediately noticeable. 



Smart Lock U50 + Hub + Ceiling Light T1M 



Entry Surveillance and Alert System 



IF the lock was opened using a mechanical key,  


THEN the Camera Hub G3 will turn to the door, start recording, and will send you a notification in case no familiar face was detected 



Activating the Camera to face the door and start recording when the lock is opened with a mechanical key enhances security. It also sends an instant notification if an unrecognized face is detected, ensuring you're promptly informed of any unexpected entry and arms the security system to protect your home while you are away. 



Smart Lock U50 + Camera Hub G3 



Aqara smart switch device controls U100 to unlock/ lock 



IF Aqara Cube T1 Pro is flipped to 90 degrees 


THEN U50 automatically completes unlock 



More interesting, cooler unlocking methods? With the Aqara Zigbee 3.0 wireless switch and Magic Cube T1 Pro, you can automate unlocking and locking in any way you like. 



Smart Lock U50+ Cube T1 Pro / Wireless Mini Switch/ Switch E1 (Wall-mounted)+ Hub 


  • Model: DL-D05D 

  • Colour: Black 

  • Inner Panel: 140.2mm * 76.2mm * 29mm 

  • Outer Panel: 134.8mm * 74.8mm * 26mm 

  • Voice Languages: English, French, Chinese, Spanish phonetics (default: English) 

  • Battery: 4 x AA Batteries (8 daily unlocks and auto-locks for 8 months) 

  • Emergency Power Supply: Type C External Power Supply. 5V DC 

  • Electrostatic Protection: Contact: 8KV, Non-Contact: 15KV 

  • Operating Temperature: -35 °C ~ 66 °C (Outer Panel) 

  • Operating Humidity: 0 ~ 93% RH, no condensation 

  • IP Rating: IPX5 (Keyboard) 

  • Lock Type: American Standard Deadbolt, supports 60/70mm backset 

  • Door Thickness Compatibility: 35mm55mm 

  • Door Gap Compatibility: 2mm10mm 

  • BLE: Standard: Bluetooth 5.0 

Communication Distance: Over 20m in open areas 

  • Zigbee: Standard: Zigbee 3.0 

Communication Distance: Over 20 meters indoors. 

Supports: Aqara Home, Apple Home**, Google*, Alexa*, Matter* 

*Requires Aqara Hub 

**Apple Home Hub is required for remote functions 


Smart Lock U50 ×   1, User Manual ×   1, Installation Diagram ×   1, Key ×   2, AA Battery ×   4, Knob Removal Tool ×   1, Opposite-Pull Screw Kit ×   1, Bolt & Strike Plate Screw Kit × 1, Mounting Plate Screw Kit × 1 

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