EnigmaBot-E1 Core Unit
EnigmaBot-E1 Core Unit
EnigmaBot-E1 Core Unit
EnigmaBot-E1 Core Unit
EnigmaBot-E1 Core Unit
EnigmaBot-E1 Core Unit


EnigmaBot-E1 Core Unit

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EnigmaBot-E1 Core Unit

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EnigmaBot – Create Your Own Game Building Kits and Explore.

This game kit for youngsters can be built into different modules, with a number of different games and modes of play. It's a perfect way for kids to learn the process of building while creating working models that can play games. EnigmaBot inspires creativity and learning in a fun way that kids love. 

Following the step-by-step instructions, users can easily build up and discover unlimited fun. The different build options and game choices keep the toy interesting and, with more modules planned, this is a futureproof toy that kids can come back to many times. Unlike typical building toys, EnigmaBot is made primarily from durable wood and uses mortise and tenon joints for assembly that allow the parts to be tightly connected without the need for glue or fasteners.

Now there are 4 kits available and please be noted that you need a PLAYSTATION to operate the Kits.

Cooking Kit: unique cooking simulation for kids creative cooking habit

Arcade Kit: for playing a series of two-player confrontation retro games

Mini-gun Kit: for playing exciting shooting games

Violin Kit: for playing interactive music games

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