EcoFlow Alternator Charger (800W)
EcoFlow Alternator Charger (800W)
EcoFlow Alternator Charger (800W)
EcoFlow Alternator Charger (800W)
EcoFlow Alternator Charger (800W)


EcoFlow Alternator Charger (800W)

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The EcoFlow Alternator Charger features up to 800W* of charging power on the move, capable of charging 1kWh in just 75 minutes. It connects to your vehicle's alternator, which generates robust power during operation. In addition to meeting the car's daily electrical needs, the alternator produces excess power. The EcoFlow Alternator Charger harnesses this extra power through its onboard DC-DC boost converter, efficiently charging the EcoFlow Portable Power Stations.

        Charge 1kWh in only 1.3 hours while you drive: Charge up to 8 times faster while driving with our EcoFlow 800W* Alternator Charger, recharging 1kWh in just 1.3 hours.

        A 3-in-1 fast charger, maintainer, and jump starter: Ensure your battery remains in peak condition with the integrated 3-in-1 Vehicle Battery Care Solution. Experience remote monitoring and control with the EcoFlow app.

        Allows you to expand existing RV house battery capacity by connecting them to your EcoFlow batteries: Doubles as a supplementary power pack in RVs, extending your house battery's runtime. It conveniently adapts to 12V/24V RV house batteries, connects to EcoFlow portable power stations, and protects RV house batteries while expanding energy storage capacity by up to 7.2kWh.

        Safety-assured for any journey: Features thermal-resistant Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology, reverse polarity protection, overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, and overvoltage/undervoltage protection.

        Clean, easy installation without leaving a mark.

        Suitable for various vehicles: Works well with SUVs, UTEs, and RVs.


* Actual charging output might varied based on the model of the car and the specs of the alternator, 800W is the maximum charging speed for the device.


Net Weight: 2.2 kg

Dimensions (W × D × H): 242 × 194 × 35 mm


Frequency: 2412MHz-2472MHz

Maximum output power: <20dBm


Frequency 2402MHz-2480MHz

Maximum output power: <10dBm

Charge Mode:

Input: 11V-31V, 76A Max.

Output: 40V-60V, 800W Max.

Battery Maintenance Mode:

Input: 40V-60V, 3A Max.

Output: 13.8V/27.6V, 100W Max.

Reverse Charge Mode:

Input: 40V-60V, 21A Max.

Output: 13.8V/27.6V, 800W Max.

Rated Current of Fuse: 125A

Protection Type: Reverse polarity protection, Over-current protection, Short circuit protection, Over-voltage and under-voltage protection

Operating Temperature: 20 to 60*

Storage Temperature: 30 to 70

Operating Humidity: 95%

Storage Humidity: 95%


* Not Suitable for engine bay installation


EcoFlow Alternator Charger * 1

Input Cable 6AWG (5m) * 1

XT150 output cable 10AWG (1m) * 1

Fuse Cable * 1

Installation board * 1

M5 Screw * 3

ST5.5 Screw * 2

M6 * 2

M6 nut * 2

Cable puller * 1

Manuals & Warranty Card * 1

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