Aqara Smart Door Lock A100 (Zigbee 3.0, 9 Unlock Methods)
Aqara Smart Door Lock A100 (Zigbee 3.0, 9 Unlock Methods)
Aqara Smart Door Lock A100 (Zigbee 3.0, 9 Unlock Methods)
Aqara Smart Door Lock A100 (Zigbee 3.0, 9 Unlock Methods)
Aqara Smart Door Lock A100 (Zigbee 3.0, 9 Unlock Methods)


Aqara Smart Door Lock A100 (Zigbee 3.0, 9 Unlock Methods)

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Aqara Smart Door Lock A100 (Zigbee 3.0, 9 Unlock Methods)

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Smart Door Lock A100 Zigbee is a smart door lock that can be unlocked via fingerprint, password, temporary password, NFC, emergency key, etc. It supports features like low-battery reminder, lock picking warning and multiple verification failure alarming. Meanwhile, with the Aqara Home app, the lock can be configured and work with other Aqara smart devices to fulfill the multiple functions in smart home applications like smart automation control and alarm.

● 18-Month Battery Life: The included 8 AA-type batteries will last for more than 1.5 years.

● 9 Unlock Methods: Fingerprint, permanent password, one-time password, periodic password, NFC, mechanical key, Aqara Home app, HomeKit / Siri, Google Assistant

● Fast and Ergonomic Fingerprint Reader: A fast fingerprint reader is embedded into the handle so that your thumb will naturally touch it when opening the door.

● Mechanical Key and Type-C Port: Even if the batteries run out, you can still open the lock by using a mechanical key or by charging it via the hidden Type-C port.

● Google Assistant and HomeKit Support: The Door Lock A100 Zigbee is designed to work with HomeKit and will also support the unlock via Google Assistant.

● Zigbee 3.0* and Bluetooth Protocols: Zigbee, the most stable and reliable smart home technology, is used to support automations and cloud integrations while Bluetooth allows to connect directly to the phone.

● Keypad with Away Mode Buttons: Apart from a keypad that is invisible until you touch it, the A100 has a separate Away Mode button that can be used in automations.

● Stylish and Reliable Aluminum Unibody: Compared to the previous-generation Aqara door locks, the A100 Zigbee has a more complete aluminum housing that does not attract fingerprints so easily.

● Remotely-Configurable Passwords and Settings: Finally, the passwords and lock settings can be configured remotely via Zigbee, which allows the A100 Zigbee to be used in the property rental industry.

● Remote Unlock via Aqara Home App: The A100 Zigbee can now be opened remotely via Aqara Home app. For example, you can open the door and watch* the delivery person leaving a parcel inside.**

* Aqara Zigbee 3.0 hub is required

**Aqara camera hub is required


1. Trigger different scenes depending on who has entered the room

IF Person 1 opens the door THEN turn on the cold ceiling light, set AC to 18 C

IF Person 2 opens the door THEN turn on the warm pendant light, set AC to 24 C, turn on the music.

( Smart Door Lock A100 Zigbee + Hub + Lights + Sonos Speaker)

2. Arm and disarm Aqara Alarm System automatically without pressing any buttons by lifting the handle

IF Door is locked by lifting the handle from outside THEN Arm the security system, turn off the lights and heater

* Alternatively, you can press the "Away" button separately and increase the level of security

(Smart Door Lock A100 Zigbee + Hub + Sensors + Lights + Smart Plug)

3. Increase the security by starting to record and initiating face recognition in case an unknown person enters the house

IF the lock was opened using a mechanical key, THEN the Camera Hub G3 will turn to the door, start recording and will send you a notification in case no familiar face was detected

(Smart Door Lock A100 Zigbee + Camera Hub G3)

Name: Smart Door Lock A100 Zigbee

Model: ZNMS02ES

Dimensions: 375 × 77 × 23.6 mm

Supported door thickness: 40 - 80 mm

Backset: 60mm

Power Supply Modes: Replaceable AA Battery; USB-C Emergency Power Supply (5 V⎓)

Manufacturer: Lumi United Technology Co., Ltd.

Net Weight: 3.6 kg

Wireless Protocols: Zigbee, Bluetooth 5.0, NFC

Operating Temperature: -25°C ~ 55°C

Operating Humidity: 0 ~ 93% RH, non-condensing

User Manual × 1, Front plate × 1, Rear Plate × 1, Lock Body × 1, Mechanical Lock Cylinder × 1, Emergency Key × 2, Strike Plate × 1, Accessory Package × 1, AA Battery × 1, Installation Diagram × 1

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