EcoFlow Delta 2 Max Power Station + Delta 2 Max Extra Battery (4096Wh, 2400W)


EcoFlow Delta 2 Max Power Station + Delta 2 Max Extra Battery (4096Wh, 2400W)

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EcoFlow Delta 2 Max Power Station + Delta 2 Max Extra Battery (4096Wh, 2400W)

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The EcoFlow DELTA2 Max Power Station offers ultra-fast Solar & AC dual charging that reaches 80% in just 43 minutes. Weighing only 23kg, it's 25% lighter than similar units, yet powerful with a 2400W AC output, capable of charging up to 13 devices simultaneously. Its 2048Wh capacity, expandable to 6144Wh, and long-lasting LFP battery with 3000 cycles ensure reliability for a decade. With noise levels as low as 30dB, it's suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. Enhanced connectivity, a user-friendly app, and advanced safety features make it an ideal choice for diverse power needs.

  • Ultra-Fast Dual Charging: Say goodbye to long waiting times. With our cutting-edge Solar & AC fast charge technology, the EcoFlow DELTA2 Max powers up from 0 to 80% in just 43 minutes with dual-charging, 53 minutes via AC, and 60 minutes using solar panels. Get back to your adventures or work faster!
  • Enhanced Connectivity: Expand your power capabilities effortlessly. The DELTA2 Max supports multiple Anderson appliances, allowing for greater flexibility and utility in various settings, whether at home or on the move.
  • Lightweight & Portable Design: At only 23kg and 25% lighter than other LFP power stations, our portable design is perfect for all your outdoor recreation needs. Experience power that moves with you.
  • Whisper-Quiet Operation: Enjoy peace and quiet with our ultra-low noise output (≤30dB in quiet mode and ≤45dB within 1 meter), making it suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.
  • Robust Power Output: With a 2400W AC output (Surge 4800W) and a 2048Wh capacity, the DELTA2 Max is engineered to power 99% of your appliances and can charge up to 13 devices simultaneously. Never compromise on your power needs.
  • Long-Lasting & Reliable: Built to last, our LFP battery offers 3000 cycles for a decade of use, ensuring longevity and reliability.
  • Smart & Expandable: Stay in control and worry-free with our upgraded app (featuring new solar + ac insights) and an expandable capacity up to 6144Wh. Be prepared for any situation with a power station that adapts to your needs.
  • Advanced Safety: Our Battery Management System (BMS) offers multiple levels of protection, ensuring safe and reliable use under all conditions.





2048Wh to 6144Wh with expandable design

AC Input

X-Stream 2300W, 10A

Solar Input

1000W Max, 11V-60V, 15A Max; 500W per port

AC Output

230V, 2400W (Surge 4800W), X-Boost 3000W

DC Output

2*USB-A / 2*USB-A fast charge / 2*USB-C 100W / 1*Car power outlet / 2*DC5521


LFP chemistry, 3000 cycle to >80% capacity




49.7*24.2*30.5 cm




What’s in the Box

DELTA2 MAX Power Station * 1

AC Charging Cable * 1

Solar Charging Cable * 1

Car Charging Cable * 1

User Manual * 1

Warranty Card * 1


Boost your DELTA2 Max with an extra battery, expanding the capacity up to 6144Wh, making it ideal for home backups or outdoor use. Utilising LFP technology, it has over 3,000 cycles, ensuring longevity. Charge rapidly using diverse options like the AC outlets, car ports, solar panels, or our Smart Generator. Combined with DELTA2 Max, its 2400W output powers 99% of household devices. Integrated LCD and the EcoFlow app provide real-time monitoring and control. 

  • Enhanced Battery Capacity: Augment your DELTA2 Max with an additional battery to boost its capacity to 6144Wh. This easy-to-set-up expansion caters to diverse needs, from home backup power to outdoor adventures. 
  • Durable and Long-Lasting: Equipped with LFP battery technology, this portable battery endures years of regular usage, offering over 3,000 charge cycles. 
  • Power Almost Everything: When combined with DELTA2 Max, its 2400W output and 13 outlets ensure compatibility with 99% of household devices. 
  • Seamless Control and Tracking: Featuring an integrated LCD display and compatibility with the EcoFlow app, you can effortlessly monitor key metrics such as remaining battery capacity, estimated runtime based on the current output, and much more. 




  • Size:   46.4 x 23.5 x 28.3 cm 
  • Weight:   19 Kg 
  • Battery Type:   LFP (LiFePO4 battery) Cycle life 3000 cycles to 80+% capacity 
  • Battery Capacity:   2048 Wh 
  • Extra Battery Input Port (Input):   51.2V, 2000W Max 
  • Extra Battery Input Port (Output): 51.2V, 3200W Max    
  • Optimal Operating Temperature: 20°C to 30°C 
  • Discharge Temperature: -10 °C to 45°C 
  • Charge Temperature: 0°C to 45°C 
  • Storage Temperature: -10 °C to 45°C (optimal: [20°C to 30°C]) 


What’s in the Box

  • EcoFlow DELTA2 Max Smart Extra Battery x 1 
  • DELTA2 Max Extra Battery Cable x 1 
  • User Manual & Warranty Card x 1 

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